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Request for Proposals

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I am offering a new service.

You’ve seen samples of my work. I post them every weekday.

You know that they range from serious, Let’s Truly Invest in Teachers,

to humorous, Life in the U.C.

I have written 1000 words off the cuff: The Eagle Will Fly.

And thoroughly researched a subject prior to post: I’m WARNing You.

You’ve seen the quality of my writing, my proofreading, my editing skills.

Everything on this website, unless I specifically credit another source, is pure me.

If you find yourself in need of a writer for one job, or many, I’m available. From

perfecting resumes, to proofreading articles, to posting blogs, I will provide content

that meets your needs, written in the voice you desire, with the quality you deserve.

Email your proposals to tredalong@hotmailcom.

Prices are based on job specifications. Payment made through PayPal.


One Blog Post Proofread

for $5.00 U.S.

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