Katie, Bar The Door

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Every time I try to give the liberals a break, they go and screw it all up. In this time when all of California is broke and getting broker, the city council of Los Angeles thinks that the best way to spend their time is to “back” Meatless Mondays. In a 12-0 vote, the council resolved to encourage residents to forego meat one day a week.

If the city council does not have enough city business to fill its allotted time, then as soon as it is finished with what is absolutely necessary, they should be closing up shop, turning off the lights, and heading out the door. It is because so many governmental units spend a lot of time thinking and considering how they can improve the lives of their citizens, that we are about to head over the fiscal cliff right now.

Of course, having people be healthier is a noble goal. Of course, it is noble that the members of the city council spend part of their own time trying to help their fellow citizens. There are just a few problems with dealing with these sorts of issues on the public dime: 1) trying to fix obesity by limited meat while allowing carbs has been proven to be the wrong way to go; 2) people who eat more fiber (fruits, vegetables and the like) have been proven to have more diverticulitis, an inflammation of the colon that can be at the least painful, and at most, deadly; 3) there are plenty of people who do not want their tax dollars spent on telling them how to live or what to eat; and 4) California doesn’t have enough money to do the business it has already signed up for—they should be the leaders in the minimization of government, so that the rest of us have less to clean up when the inevitable bailout is finally approved.

It is things like this that make me wonder about the wisdom of allowing the tax cuts to expire: the liberals will only find something new to spend the money on. After all, there are always going to be ills to fix in this world; always evils to banish; good that can be done.

And the liberals have time and again stressed how the ends justify the means—so long as the result is eventually to be positive, it doesn’t matter how we get there. President Obama’s playing fast and loose with the immigration laws of this land is just one example. So why should we believe that any cuts today will not simply be ratcheted up next week? No reason that I can tell. I have seen absolutely no indication that the liberals believe that any of their spending programs or proposals is in need of removal—reform is more their mandate.

And reform seems to mean: install another layer of oversight, and increase the revenue to that department. The liberal economists claim that fiscal conservatives wail too much about doom and gloom; that they are too apocalyptic in tone. But where is the call to cut back on raiding the coffers? The liberals are too busy proclaiming that many of those receiving checks from the government have earned their pay, and no conservatives have yet had the temerity to state that even those on Social Security who live to the average age of about 79 will receive more money than they paid in.

The question is how we can break the chain of thinking that the government can be all things to all people. Somehow, just because someone can conjure up a specter of woes, now the expectation is that, with enough funding, that woe can be made to disappear. It hasn’t happened yet, but that doesn’t deter the fantasizers.

Minimum wage requirements have resulted in higher unemployment rates for the less-skilled; public education has not benefitted the children of the less educated; subsidies to businesses have not resulted in lower unemployment; nutrition labels have not decreased obesity rates; the failure rates of government programs should lead a thinking person to wonder what is the benefit of pooling resources?

True, some people do benefit from some programs—mostly, the people who work for those programs are now able to look forward to a steady paycheck for years to come. But there are plenty of failures that are reported—usually by people who use those failures as a rationale for extending those same programs (read put more money into them). When will it stop?

When will spending cuts mean spending cuts, not just lesser rates of growth? When will any program be deemed a success, and halted? Liberals who claim that conservatives are simply stonewalling, when compromise is necessary, refuse to take into consideration the very real concern that, without a barricade at the gates of the treasury, government continues to grow and grow, without end.

One of President Obama’s cost-cutting measures is to cut the pay of doctors. This at the same time as he has promised health care for all. Maybe those who are currently in the system, and those who are in medical school might find themselves financially unable to change course, but anyone close to retirement age will find himself thinking twice about continuing to be on the hook for people’s lives while earning less for taking on that responsibility. And anyone who was considering entering the health care profession may be tempted to reconsider. Let’s check back in ten years, see how many doctors there are at that time.

What the liberals don’t seem to understand is that you can’t change human nature. You can outlaw as much as you like; regulate things to death; but you can’t make people be inspired. You can get a minimum effort out of them, but you can’t make them rise to the heights of greatness. Of course, that may be the very point, after all.


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5 responses to “Katie, Bar The Door

  1. Government doesn’t like to govern, they like to control.

  2. Liberals = Progressives = Socialist

  3. A lot of folks eat more comfort food (read high calories) when they are stressed. And subsequently gain weight. How much weight can we blame on the stress the government has placed on people? Should BHO start a war on stress? Hire a Stress Czar?

  4. I agree with the others. Wonder if they thought about all the jobs, farms, family incomes that will be lost if they continue to try to destroy our way of life, the food we choose to eat, etc, etc. Just looking at who has been invited to the WH over the 3 days of meetings, all Progressives… I gotta stop cuz I can’t think of anything nice to say, other than I keep trying to give them a chance to redeem themselves in my mind, and they go and blow it… usually before lunch…

    • If we continue to support the Corrupt Party (Democrats) and the Stupid Party (Republicans) you should know that we will get nowhere. If we want to be associated with a political part–you must start an new one and good luck with that.

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