Congratulations, President Obama

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I guess I owe the pollsters an apology. I don’t know how they did it, what with people not answering their home phones, not even owning home phones, but they came within a hair’s whisker of calling the states accurately.

So, it looks like we’re getting set for another four years of what we had for the past four years: Democratic President, Democratic Senate, Republican House. It’s strange that, with every seat in the House up for grabs, the same voters who returned President Obama to office also sent back a Republican House for him to do battle with. Are the voters relying on the House to rein in the President? Or is it that they are just enamored of their own  Representatives? Seems a bit schizophrenic. Be that as it may…

President Obama has positioned himself as the champion of the middle class and the poor. Even those who didn’t vote for him should be able to take him at his word, and step up to the plate to get their fair share. It may be time for conservatives to stop fighting the aid of the federal government, and instead embrace the assistance that President Obama and his cabinet are happy to provide.

Relax, conservatives! You have two years before the next Congressional election. Let all of your animosity fall away, and help President Obama achieve his goal of uplifting everyone from the middle class down to the poverty level. Quit fighting President Obama’s economic agenda. After all, he’s here to help you. If he wants to spread the wealth, let him.

Take it easy! President Obama is fighting for you. You don’t have to do anything but let him take the lead. You deserve a break after all your stalwart defenses of the past four years. Maybe a vacation is in order. Maybe it’s time for that retirement you’ve been putting off.

Sit back! The liberal base is so charged up that it might be worth the conservatives sitting on the sidelines for awhile, to let the democrats position their agenda. Maybe go back to school, take advantage of low cost student loans.

President Obama is willing to do all the heavy lifting for all of us—who are we to deny him?


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19 responses to “Congratulations, President Obama

  1. As you state, “I guess I owe the pollsters an apology. I don’t know how they did it, what with people not answering their home phones, not even owning home phones, but they came within a hair’s whisker of calling the states accurately.” Makes one wonder if the election was ridged. But we will never really know. But they did spend a lot of money! Yep, same old same old for the next four years and the American voters will do it all over again.

  2. I’m not sure I understand the logic either … re-elect an ineffective Democrat as president when the Republican running against him has all the credentials to address the nation’s economic issues … but since put Republicans in congress and elect Republicans to govern even more states?

    Two questions:
    1) What will the USA look like with 4 more years of stagnation and further down the road of government dependency? (a Canada or a European oriented country?)
    2) Do the Republicans have room to swing ‘more’ moderate than a Mitt Romney in order to attract minorities and younger voters without losing their conservative base? (I doubt it …. and if they go even further right they will lose even more ground.)

    Probably the only hope for conservatives is a complete failure (fiscal collapse) by progressive policies and President Obama that EVEN the media won’t ignore. Of course they will probably continue to point to “the Republicans in congress.”

    • “The American Republic will endure until the day Congress discovers that it can bribe the public with the public’s money.” ― Alexis de Tocqueville (1835) Until this changes there will be no change in our nation. As long as there are hand-outs from the government people will vote for them, just look at Michigan. Obama carried that state because of the Auto Workers–their vote was bought by the President in the form of bail out. And the Republicans are just as bad as the democrats. We truly need an overhaul of Congress, the voting system, the money system etc. There is no way that the deficit can be reduced, its way out of control. There is not enough money or people to do this other than real overhaul. And for many that will be painful. I may be negative but these are the real facts.

      • Right. The question is, how do we get there from here? Of course, we may not have to wait too long for real change. The Dow is already down over 300 points. Build from the middle class out? How’s that working for you?

        • Well its like I’ve said it will take an overhaul of the nation which many will not like. That’s going back to Constitutional voting, taxing, limited government, correct justice etc.

          The Constitution already has a fair tax system that congress don’t want to do.
          The Constitution already puts the federal government on limits, but the government don’t like it.
          The Constitution already has a monetary system but the government don’t like it.
          The Constitution already has given much more power to the States and the people, but the States has been stripped of their rights by congress; the people fear the government that will put them in jail, make them into a terrorist etc.

          And the list goes on.

  3. Bob McClister

    Hi Victoria:

    As part of my never-ending quest for knowledge, I managed to learn a few things last night about how to win an election. These are my “election reflections”:

    1.) Negative ads work. If you live in a Ohio as I do or one of the other “swing states”, you know this well. Be sure to demonize your rival as a reprehensible human being. Paint them as the enemy rather than merely as an opponent with whom you differ. Don’t waste your time on your own record or sharing the details of your grand vision for the country. Play small and petty. Don’t bother to make a case why you should be elected. Instead concoct reasons why your opponent should not be elected. The “high road” is a losing proposition. Rising above is futile as you will be dragged down. Your character does not really matter. Whatever bad thing you are doing, simply accuse the other side of being the ones doing it and you will be inoculated from criticism if your party affiliation begins with the letter “D”. By the way, if you are an incumbent, do not solve any problems during your term in office. It is far better to have the issues lingering for use as a political football in campaign ads. There is always someone else to blame when things are “not optimal”. It is never your fault.

    2.) Disavow traditional values. Your actions, intentions, results, and corruptions can be overlooked as long as you say the politically correct code words along the way. Espouse more government and less individual freedom, including less freedom of speech and religion (well, unless that is, you say the correct things and belong to the correct religion). Punish individual achievement swiftly and without hesitation. Stress equalizing outcomes for all instead of equalizing opportunities for all. All participants get a trophy for merely showing up! “Fairness” dictates everyone must receive the same size piece of the pie no matter their effort, talent, or investment. So what if that causes the entire pie to get smaller and smaller? Accountability is a dirty word and tantamount to political suicide.

    3.) Promise people free stuff. Today JFK (not exactly a conservative!) could never say “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you — ask what YOU can do for YOUR COUNTRY”. He would have to turn that sentiment around to get elected today. There is apparently now a majority, albeit small, of the electorate that wants an entitlement state where the government, via taxpayers and borrowing, is the principal provider, as unsustainable as that may be. To stay in power you must have people dependent on the government so they will re-elect you. The government can’t control the populous if they are happy and able to provide adequately for themselves. 49% of us will now support the other 51% of us and that is as it should be. Watch for that first percentage to grow smaller and the second to grow larger as incentive decreases and entitlement increases. This will be good as it will increase the size of your potential electoral majority over time.

    4.) Learn well and practice “The Three D’s”: divide, distract, and deceive! You don’t want the electorate to have their eye on the ball so to speak.

    5.) Constitution schmonstitution!

    6.) Pander to the unions. All and any unions, whether their special interests are good for the nation or not. The membership, at the behest of their leadership, will reward you with votes. Further, you will receive generous contributions to your campaign and PACs. It doesn’t hurt if you pre-fund those contributions with taxpayer money diverted to some of those unions from an “economic stimulus” package.

    7.) The press has a horse in this race. The mainstream media still is the principal source of new for low information voters and there are a lot of low information voters. If you follow the previous steps closely, the press will abrogate their duties as journalists and protect you at all costs. Your agenda will be their agenda. The narrative of their story is already written. Now, as an esteemed member of the press, report only what fits your narrative and discard the rest. Mainstream media thinks the government is better suited to run your life than are you. The press is in business to shape public opinion — not to report the news. In a similar vein, almost all schools at any level are perfectly content to rewrite history when teaching students. Why present unbiased information and give critical thinking an opportunity to get in the way of a socialist agenda? As an “educator” you are part of the intellectual elite. So like your counterparts in government and the press, you know better than the rest of us. Content must be edited to make it suitable for the masses.

    Yeah, and that is only a small part of what I learned but you get the idea. I fear those who believe in traditional American values are now outnumbered by those who don’t. I never felt that way ever until last night. Sadly, since we as citizens allow the points enumerated above sway our decisions, I think the country got the President it deserves.

    • Thanks, Bob, for that extensive list of “What I Learned From the Last Election.” I am sure that there are many, many people who feel they got schooled the same way. Personally, I intend to have my moments of shock and surprise, then move forward. The challenge is to take each of your points, and either find some way around it, or discover what on the liberals’ side leads to that result. Why not just rail against the man? Because I can’t accept that my only options are to give up, or to adopt tactics that I find abhorrent. That doesn’t mean that I won’t be struggling for a long, long time, or feeling plenty aggrieved as time goes on, but I have enough ego that I expect that together we can eventually find some way to make it a real “level playing field.”

      • Bob McClister

        I agree, Victoria. As with your excellent blog post today, my comment was written (mostly) tongue-in-cheek. I won’t be anyone’s victim and I will not compromise my core beliefs. Giving up is out of the question as we have work to do. If anything, today I am more deeply entrenched in my conservative values. And can we please come up with more descriptively accurate labels than “conservative” and “liberal?”

        • Bob: The PC labels are: “traditionalist and progressive.” I’m starting to think just using Democrat and Republican will suffice … in any case, they are all equally inaccurate. Sorry for the very dry humor. 😉

          For the future of our country, I’m am concerned over “entrenchment.” As much as we may all want our “core beliefs,” after this elections, I’m sensing “some” compromise will be necessary. I think Republicans are going to have again look at a few of William F Buckleys’ principles … “the most conservative electable.”

          • I’m sure that there are those who would prefer “progressive” and “regressive”, but not both of those sound positive. I’m open to suggestions that accurately portray both parties without demonizing either.

          • Bob McClister


            It is for the good of the country that I am not ready for appeasement. I don’t believe that conservative equals unelectable. It is what the others would have us believe because the last thing they want to see is another Ronald Reagan emerge. However, I maintain that genuine conservative values well-understood and articulately communicated by a true believer makes a powerful case to all groups of voters, including youths and especially minorities, if we refuse to allow the left to control the dialogue. I say what we need to do is to persuade hearts and minds. We can be much better at that if we have the courage and conviction. We’ve got to stop dancing around truths in order to be PC. We’ll never outleft the left, nor should we, so let’s be the right… without fear. More or less that was the gist of my sarcastic first comment.

            The last two Republican candidates for President, while honorable men, were not all that conservative in their beliefs. They lost I might add. Compromised conservatism is not conservatism at all. It’s akin to changing the oil in your car without changing the filter where one quart of dirty “compromised” oil resides. In other words, you end up with 100% dirty oil rather than 80% clean oil. The compromise disrupts the entire intent of the undertaking. You don’t achieve 80% conservatism — you get something else altogether which doesn’t work as well, if at all. The left would argue that the oil in the car is cleaner than it was and better than no oil change at all so I should be happy with the compromise. However, I know that with each compromised oil change the entirety of the oil gets dirtier and leads to a breakdown ultimately.

            In the end, if your principles are not intact, what do you have left really?

            • I’m a numbers guy (and one who is getting older) and note when 35% of the voters classify themselves as conservative that it is challenging to win an election if we have a “truly” conservative politician. You’re point in communicating your message is good, but those needing to hear it are not listening to more than soundbites … and IMHO at least half of those will only hear “negative” soundbites. When talking with my childrens’ 20 something friends they are bombarded with the “social issue” statements from a few Republicans (megaphoned by the media) and broad brush the entire party. For some reason this does not happen to the Democrats (ie. exclusion of God, hate speak, free stuff, etc). I hope you are right about the need to communicate better, but sense the more convicted and narrow the message, the smaller the support for Republicans.

              • There is winning an election, then there is the governing in between. We are where we are right now, and my question is, how do we proceed from here? There are many factors in why the 20-somethings are content with sound bites, without further investigation–do we try to exploit that, counter it, or rework the entire system?

                • It is the system that is not working. I believe that an overhaul is what is needed. With our current system of democratic form of government and not a republic form of government is what has trouble many democratic forms of government throughout history and for that reason the Founders wanted a Republic form of government and the original intent of life, liberty and happiness which has been changed to mean something totally different than what the Founders believe in thus, we have a different nation than the blood of these noble men died for.

  4. Bob McClister

    I hope I am right too, Rich. I contend that conservatism is not a narrow message at all. It is the most broadly inclusive political philosophy. We don’t communicate it properly and then resign ourselves to letting the other side define us. Our beliefs are not our problem. If we endeavor to move left through compromise, then the center gets redefined towards the left as well as does the entire political spectrum.

    There are a lot of conservatives out there who don’t know it yet. I’d say the Republican party in general has a poor understanding of what it means to be a conservative as well. Talk to your liberal, moderate, and even conservative friends, acquaintances, neighboors, and family to discover what they are thinking. Listen to them intently. Ask more questions. Frame your case for conservatism to them based on what you learn. I have some friends who self-identify as liberal, but when I ask them questions, they are clearly more conservative than they know. They are suprised by how much they agree with me politically once the sound bite veil of conservative demonization is removed. The one-heart-and-mind-at-a-time apporoach is a good place to begin building critical mass.

    Victoria, you ask “where do we go from here?”. We start making our argument now instead of waiting until the next campaign. We have enough open water ahead now to turn around this rather large ship that is public opinion. If we wait until the campaign, not so much. Having said that, we need to be better at the campaigning as well. We need to reach voters in a way they will understand and utilize the technological and social media tools at our disposal. We need to inspire better voter turnout. Dare I say we have to be a little more “hip” or “cool?”

    I’d rather begin building the solid foundation for victories in 2014 and 2016 now. Be forewarned, sometimes we will need to engage the opposition, rather than stand down, in order to prevent blatant lies from lingering out their unchallenged and therefore masquerading as truth. If the current Administration collapses the country due to policy, ineptitude, or even indictment, the tide may, and probably will, swing our way. However, if that is how we win in 2014 and 2016, then it won’t be sustainable without the required philosophical groundwork for long-term political success.

    • Well said Bob … although I’m imagining trying to talk “philosophical groundwork” to some of the Obama voters who are completely disinterested 364 days of the year and only show interest when celebrities trigger them to vote. :-/

      • Bob McClister

        I believe the Republicans spend too much time targeting their message. We should adopt a “fifty-state” strategy targeting all people in the nation. Conservatism benefits all groups at the expense of none. Don’t assume that certain people will or won’t vote a certain way. Assume everyone is interested in liberty, opportunity, and prosperity. And please… no more moderate Republican candidates posing as conservatives. It fools no one and it doesn’t work. I get the Democrats luring us into that unwinnable situation. What I can’t understand is why the Republican establishment seems determined to do the same. It leaves us with an unclear message that is not understandable nor appealing.

  5. Thanks for checking out my blog. Congratulations from Japan, President Obama. I think that this is the victory of good sense. It is wished a medical insurance system is carried out.

  6. krisjand

    Not that I don’t doubt that republicans will “survive” the Obama election, but isn’t that a really depressing sentiment? Shouldn’t we all be better for the president’s election, not just one group or party? I guess the biggest disappointment of the whole election is that more people were voting against the other guy that the guy (based on politics, personal reasons or whatever) they actually wanted to lead (based on ability, qualification or simple presidential attitude). :/

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