King Obama

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I watch the Big Bang Theory. Lots of right-thinking people do. At the end of each episode, Chuck Lorre, the producer, puts up what he calls a vanity card. Each card has some witty (or disturbing) story or rant or whatever Mr. Lorre feels like disgorging to the world at large. If you read the cards, you will be privileged to learn Mr. Lorre’s political leanings, because he makes no attempt to hide his feelings. In fact, he shouts them out—if writing can be a form of shouting.

Point is, Mr. Lorre is one of the true believers. Those who think that Mr. Obama is the second coming. Mr. Lorre is one of those who celebrate the way Mr. Obama is there for the down-trodden. That Mr. Obama is fighting for the gays, women, the middle class, and the poor.

That, without Mr. Obama, gays can’t get married, women can’t get abortions, the middle class won’t have jobs, poor people won’t have EBT, and old people won’t have Medicare. I understand. These are all important things to those who want them. And Mr. Obama has done a good job of convincing each of these constituencies that he is the man to protect them.

When Mr. Obama says, “I’m from the government. I’m here to help you,” it’s said in a sincere tone, without a trace of the irony with which many people imbue those two sentences. And people believe him. Believe that an entity can take wealth from one segment of society and give it to another without any consequence other than that the previously needy are thereby uplifted and empowered.

Hmm. After almost four years in office, with all the power of the Presidency behind him, Mr. Obama must still make promises to his constituencies, because in most places, gays can’t marry, much of the middle class doesn’t have gainful employment, poor people are still poor, and Medicare is about to go out the window. It is true that women can obtain abortions, but since they were able to prior to Mr. Obama taking office, he really can’t take a lot of credit for that.

No, after four years of effort, Mr. Obama hasn’t given people much of anything. His promotional literature and speeches are more in the nature of what will be taken away if his opponent is installed in office. True, children can now stay on their parents’ insurance policies until well into what used to be considered adulthood, but that sort of stopgap measure wouldn’t be necessary if those children were able to find work.

And children of illegal immigrants don’t have to worry about being sent back to a place they never knew so long as Mr. Obama is in power, but he certainly hasn’t managed to set up any long-term, permanent, legal solutions for them. And that is the nature of his presidency, all around. All of his policies rely on him remaining in office.

All of Mr. Obama’s promises come from him, and are dependent on his good will and whim of the day. Nary a one is rooted in the legal system of this country. Mr. Obama operates more like Santa than Hammurabi. He gives gifts to the good children, and coal to the bad. Or, at least, he promises such. Much like Santa, he only works for those who already have the power to help themselves—the people who can’t provide their own gifts, no matter how deserving they may be, in reality end up with empty stockings come Christmas morning.

Yet, his believers believe. They believe that Mr. Obama will somehow, in the next four years, be able to accomplish what he has not had the slightest bit of luck doing in the last four years. He has not substantially changed the law of the land, leaving a lasting legacy that generations to come can count on. Obamacare, his signature confection, works only for those who have jobs and the money to pay for it. That counts out the 23 million people (at least) who would like to have the opportunity to contribute to their own upkeep, but currently don’t have the means.

So, all of his largess flows directly from him. He is merely deciding which laws to enforce, which to ignore, and which he wants to enact without benefit of the legislature. His true believers, for some reason, can’t see the numerous dangers in that kind of governance. When all power comes from one man, all are dependent on remaining in his good graces. Fall from favor, and you fall outside the law.

Don’t believe me? Ask Nakoula Basseley Nakoula what happens when you run afoul of Obamalaw. If that name rings a bell, but you can’t quite place it, he is the man alleged to have made the movie that sparked the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans in Benghazi, Egypt, on September 11, 2012. Thrown to the wolves weeks ago, Mr. Nakoula is awaiting an evidentiary hearing, scheduled for November 9, 2012. In all of the hoopla surrounding the events of September 11, 2012, in all of the hyperbolic language the Obama administration used to whip up a media frenzy against him, in the later outrage that the murders could have been anything but terrorist acts, I must have missed the public apology for stampeding on the man’s First Amendment rights, for outing him, for exposing him to the wrath of the jihadists.

But he’s only one man. And he probably deserved it. And we don’t want to think about him any more, during the lovefest that is the Obama re-election campaign. Those souls so enamored of Mr. Obama’s personal promises of protection want to ignore the fact that it only takes one warning of dire consequences to squelch a budding movement. Anybody else in this country hastening to put Islamic views through the same wringer that every other religion has gone through? (Think of the skewering Monty Python routinely gave Christianity, or The Book of Mormon, raking in the big bucks on Broadway).

It’s terrific to have a personal savior in the White House, just so long as you don’t ever cross him.

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4 responses to “King Obama

  1. “It’s terrific to have a personal savior in the White House, just so long as you don’t ever cross him.” said very well and with just the right irony.
    Liberalism is a deity unto itself and thus the reason it place the real God on the other side of the road. This is particularity disturbing when liberalism is found in professed believers, who cling to Liberalism, over Godliness.

    Liberals no doubt, viewed the god of their own making (Obama) as the savior of their beliefs. Now that mold, rot and ting has taken the place of sparkles, they’re probably very depressed. Almost as depressed as those of us who KNEW all about BHO before he was rightfully placed in an office he didn’t deserve.

  2. I totally agree with Righty above. Excellent blog, true to I believe, unfortunately. 😀

  3. I record “Big Bang” so I never miss an episode. In fact it’s the only sitcom I currently watch. It’s nice to have it to watch at leisure when I need a break and some good laughs – I think the comedic writing is borderline genius. Aside from that I’ve enjoyed reading a few of your posts. Problem is even though I’m already logged into WordPress I’m not able to like individual posts. It make’s me go through the login but doesn’t recognize it for some reason. Your blog posts are well written. 🙂

    • Thanks. I enjoy trying to make my posts easy to read yet meaningful. I have the same problem you do with liking some posts–if I follow a blog, I can then “like” its post on the Reader page, even if I can’t “like” that post on its own page.

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