How Sad It Is

You may recall that last Friday I was looking forward to Sean Hannity releasing new information about why no action was taken during the attack in Benghazi. Unfortunately, Mr. Hannity was talking about the events that occurred in the days after the attack, that is, the alleged cover-up, not what happened during the attack itself. However, the Sunday news shows are now beginning to delve into the unfolding of the events of that night.

The latest information indicates that there is a 50 minute recording of the attack, a sliver of the 6 hour ordeal. Charlene Lamb, the deputy assistant secretary for international programs, the State Department official in charge of security in Libya, testified before Congress that she knew what was going on in real time, shortly after the attack in Benghazi began. A transcript of her testimony is available at

It now appears that, once Ms. Lamb alerted her superiors to the attack, an unmanned drone was dispatched to Benghazi, where it hovered overhead for a couple of hours as the attack was underway. There is no indication that any other action was taken.

Colonel Alan Hunt added his analysis of how events went down once the State Department had knowledge of the attack, in an October 10, 2012 post on Before It’s News. The gist of his article is that, once realizing that an attack was under way, Ms. Lamb would have notified other members of government, and that soon, everyone necessary, including Secretary of State Clinton and President Obama, would have been aware of what was going on. Yet, they did nothing except observe.

The essence of Americanism, the core of our belief system, is that we always DO SOMETHING. Even if what we do ends up a futile gesture, we never give up. Our sacred heroes are those who died fighting at the Alamo; Todd Beamer and the rest of the passengers on Flight 93, who took on their attackers knowing that they were all doomed, but determined to save others; the firefighters and other first responders who went into the Twin Towers knowing that they might never make it out; all the heroes who risk their lives trying to save others. We always DO SOMETHING. Even if it’s in vain. That motto is the American psyche in two short words.

To think that our government sat by and watched and did nothing, for hours, while Americans died, is to see our most cherished opinion of ourselves go up in smoke, especially if President Obama held back so as to appease the feelings of the Libyan government. This attack was on American soil, on American citizens, and Mr. Obama had the duty to protect them even in the face of Libyan animosity.

The outrage was further compounded, as the President and his administration blamed a U.S. citizen for inciting the attack, and arrested him. I guess it’s okay to offend the American people and our values, but not the governments of other countries.

Next, we’re (possibly) to be treated to a drone attack on Libya. Weeks after the attack, but days before the election, we’ll see the military might of the U.S. directed at….what? If Mr. Obama was capable of launching an unmanned drone into Libya then to observe, and is capable of launching another drone now with strike capabilities, why did he do nothing else when it would have made a difference?

And what is the point of warning your enemies that you are about to give the go-ahead to a secret mission? Apparently, the leader of the attack is so confident that he’s been spotted sipping strawberry frappes at a local hotel. Is President Obama trying to put him on notice so that he can catch a bus out of town?

It seems now that the spin by the Obama surrogates on the events of that night is going to be that not intervening is, and has been, a matter of policy. That would make sense, would seem to be a sort of a plan, if it had been announced at any time in the past 4 years.

Assume that appeasement of other world leaders, in order to calm the jihadists’ passions, is the goal. That if President Obama apologizes for Americans being Americans, the killings will cease.

It’s a plan. I can see that it’s a plan. But how long do you stick with a plan before you realize that the plan isn’t working? How many deaths does it take? Notice that the militants around the world aren’t just burning the American flag; they’re also burning effigies of President Obama. His policy of appeasement doesn’t seem to be bearing the kind of fruit that he was looking for.

If our federal government does nothing else, it has a duty to protect its citizens. All of its citizens. Those who make movies, and those who go into harm’s way in other countries to represent it. The reprehensible aspect of this whole tragedy is not the movie trailer. It is the lack of doing something to protect our citizens, either before, during, or after the attack in Benghazi. It is blaming an American citizen for the results of the Obama administration’s policy of dealing with the Middle East–both the drone assassinations and the appeasement of offended Muslims. It is the rooting out and arresting of that American citizen, and publicly pointing the finger at him. It is the failure to own the policy in the first place, the middle place, or the last place.

It’s one thing for American representatives to know what they are getting into when they are assigned overseas, for them and us to understand that, due to the administration’s policies, they are hanging out there without a safety net. But it doesn’t seem as though anyone outside Washington was aware that lack of protection was part of the deal, that all safety nets are reserved only for people who are currently planted on American soil. President Obama seems to be more concerned about protecting Big Bird than he is about protecting his representatives overseas, and the sad thing is that he won’t own up to that.


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6 responses to “How Sad It Is

  1. Jim Schweder


  2. It struck me as odd that BHO sent American soldiers into Pakistan- our friend- without their permission to get bin Laden but sent no help to Americans in Libya- our enemy. Is bin Laden really dead? He got buried really fast! Free headlines are an important thing in an election. They sent a photo drone into Benghazi- why not send armed drones? Are the buttons harder to push on the armed ones? There still isn’t much said by the talking heads about BHO’s berating the poor fella that made the video. What about FREE SPEECH? If the Benghazi protesters were so upset about the video, why didn’t they come into the USA over our unprotected border, annoy those folks in Arizona (steal food, clothing and water) and go shoot at the video guy instead of shooting at our Ambassador?

  3. They had a team in Italy that could have been there in apx. an hour, but they were told to stand down. Have you read the book “No Easy Day” about the Bin Laden raid? I thought it was really interesting once I got past the part about his personal history and why he chose to become a SEAL. My opinion, it’s all political. Like the documentary 2016 says, he is making these decisions for very specific reasons. Good blog! 😀

    • I have been wondering whether President Obama even communicated with the military past ordering the unmanned drone, but him telling them to stand down doesn’t surprise me. His agenda seems to be for the U.S. to take on all the guilt in the world, which would be a policy if he would just own it. My prediction? He’s planning to subordinate the U.S. Constitution to the U.N., then run for Secretary General in 4 years. Then we can all just get along.

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