Those Starry, Starry Eyes

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Being a curious sort myself (not that kind of curious!), I wanted to find out what drew diehard Obama supporters. I’m kind of concerned about his governing-by-fiat attitude, and wonder how those who call themselves liberal/progressive/democrat could not share my trepidation.

I must have dipped into twenty or so blogs (a mere fraction of a fraction of what’s out there, I know, and certainly not representative). Not one of them expressed even the slightest hesitation with the Commander-in-Chief. It was unalloyed praise from stem to stern. Some even touted the very actions that make me cringe as evidence of the good that he is providing the country. Running roughshod over the legislative branch of our government is seen as the only way to get done what needs to get done.

I saw no mention of the anti-Muslim dude. Not one person even addressed his middle-of-the-night summons or subsequent incarceration, or his outing in the first place. There’s all kinds of hoopla about gay marriage, gay rights, protection of women’s equal pay for equal jobs, women’s reproductive rights. All kinds of rights that are found only in the penumbra of the Constitution, if at all, but none that are explicitly discussed there.

Romney supporters have their reasons, but Obama supporters have their faith. Faith that he will continue the good that needs to get done, and more importantly to my mind, faith that no Republican will ever attain that high office and use the very tactics that that they are touting as the proper way to get things done when that other pesky branch of government won’t do what you want, to do what the Obama supporters do so fervently not want.

Is it a failure of our educational system that zealots cannot see that what is good for the goose the gander will devour as well? That, once the dam has been breached, once the first example has been followed, that the other side will simply adopt the same practices when it’s their turn to rule?

And, despite the best laid plans of the liberals, that day will come again. Conservatives don’t dislike President Obama because of the color of his skin. They don’t disagree with his policies because they don’t recognize how much better off we’ll all be once they’re in place. Conservative dislike President Obama’s policies. They don’t think that gay marriage is a good idea, they certainly don’t think that the federal government should be in a position to cram such a thing down their throats, and as soon as they get the chance, they’ll act to dump all of that nonsense and then some.

And the liberals are handing them the tools to do just that. While both sides bicker about who is lying and whose fault this is and whose fault that is, Mr. Obama is quietly going about dismantling the checks and balances that were so carefully crafted by our Founding Fathers. And the Republicans are just as quietly cheering him on.

Because the Republicans know that, when it’s their turn, no one will be able to argue with their seizure of power, because the liberals were all in favor of stronger central government when it was going their way. And the Republicans certainly won’t fight it, because it’ll mean that they’ll get to have things their way.

The only losers in the end will be, as usual, the voters. And you can’t feel too sorry for them, because they brought this all on themselves, their eyes so bedazzled by the vision that they couldn’t see the reality.

Andrew Sullivan, of The Daily Beast, may not have said it best, but he certainly said a lot of it.

“[T]he tally of achievements is formidable: the near-obliteration of al Qaeda, democratic revolutions in the Arab world that George Bush could only have dreamed of, the re-regulation of Wall Street after the 2008 crash, stimulus investments in infrastructure and clean energy, powerful new fuel-emission standards along with a record level of independence from foreign oil, and, most critically, health-care reform.”

The near-obliteration of al Qaeda, as evidenced by the first murder of an American ambassador in thirty years? But apparently that’s an isolated incident of a desperate group, as are all the flag and effigy burnings going on all over the mid-East and Indonesia. I guess the angry Muslims didn’t get the memo that President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize and has a whole new way to govern.

Democratic revolutions in the world are leading to the emergence of the Muslim Brotherhood. The MB is another group that didn’t get the memo that President Obama is The One.

“But in a first term,” Mr. Sullivan goes on to say, “he ended the Iraq War on schedule, headed off a second Great Depression, presided over much more robust private-sector job growth in his recovery than George W. Bush did in his, saved the American automobile industry, ended torture, and saw his own party embrace full marriage equality and integrate gays into the military.”

Mr. Sullivan winds up with, “…imagine a two-term presidency that prevented a second Great Depression, killed bin Laden, decimated al Qaeda, reformed immigration, ended the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, got a bipartisan deal on taxes and spending, and maybe—just maybe—presided over the democratic revolutions in the Arab world with the skill that the first President Bush showed as new democracies were emerging in Eastern Europe. Much of the groundwork for this has already been laid: health-care reform and Wall Street regulation just need time to be implemented fully. The Arab revolutions are in early formative stages. The economic growth that will only accelerate if Taxmageddon is averted will redound to Obama’s popularity the way it did with Reagan. The potential for a huge payoff if Obama is reelected—from the debt to Iran to jihadism to -immigration—is enormous.”

An nary a word about the Dream Act that was implemented, although it wasn’t passed. The WARN Act that wasn’t allowed to. Tax reform that is “fair.” And that was just the first term. Oh, those starry, starry eyes.


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5 responses to “Those Starry, Starry Eyes

  1. I am an Obama supporter. You have made some interesting points, none valid from my point of view. Many of Obama’a actions were predicated by or were taken in response to the obstructionist posture assumed by the Republicans in congress, from the day they made this statement “The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” -Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, quoted in National Journal, November 4, 2010. Actually it was apparent that they were going to wage an all out war on the President as early as September 9th 2009 as eveidenced by my ‘friendly’ far right Representative and his more vocal fellows here.

    • Of course the Republicans want Mr. Obama to be a one-term president. They want ALL democrats to serve only one-term (they’d make it less if they could). It is the concept that Mr. Obama is so outside the norm that puzzles me; that Republicans have targeted him specifically–sorry, but the Dems and Reps have been battling each other for awhile, now. So, what’s happened is that Mr. Obama has claimed that he must take unconstitutional actions because he is the object of a vendetta. But his objects are so pure, and the Reps so obstinate, that he must do this to achieve his righteous goals. Fine, let’s buy that. What happens when the next Republican, with his own set of righteous goals, discards the Constitution because he needs to? That is my point. Obama supporters can’t seem to see the forest for the trees. If Mr. Obama, no matter how glorious he is, can’t do the job of being President of this country without shredding the Constitution, why do his supporters continue to call for his re-election? There’s got to be some reining in of the power grab. At least call him on it, if nothing else.

      • Presidents have been “shredding” the constitution for years now, if you mean by that going as far as they can within the limits set by the checks and balances set up in the constitution and in constitutional law. When they go too far we have an impeachment process that allows congress to make a correction, as both Nixon and Clinton discovered.
        Our government was set up to function as a deliberative body. A policy of obstructionism as practiced by the current Republicans in congress and particularly the Tea Party wing in the house, prevents any productive action from occurring and is in direct contradiction to what the founders intended.
        Here in Texas we have a low voter turnout that is
        generally less than 25% of the registered voters but in my county in the 2008 elections we had about a 54% turn out, these were people who turned out for candidate Obama, I believe, either passionately for him or just as passionately against him..
        President Obama has been a good president during an especially difficult time in our history and I expect him to be re-elected because more voters will for him than against him.

  2. As a Southpark Libertarian I am compelled to no respond.

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