Okay, I get it now. I have to revise my previous prediction. I had thought that Mr. Obama would resign, to leave the field open for a Hillary Clinton run for the White House. I stand corrected.

For those of you who haven’t been watching “Political Animals”, a limited mini-series airing on USA, I suggest you give it a peek if you want to see where the Democratic campaign is heading. A brief synopsis will bring you up to speed:

A Hillary Clintonesque character ran for President, lost to the incumbent, and is now Secretary of State. She was married to a beloved President, but divorced him when his cheating became too much for her.

Any of this sound familiar?

“Political Animals” opens two years into the incumbent’s term. The Secretary of State is extremely unhappy that the President seems to have fallen away from the ideals that he espoused when he was running for office. She is contemplating running against him when his first term ends, even though that sort of thing is anathema to the party.

Before she goes public with her candidacy, though, she has to solve the country’s latest crisis. I won’t go into all the details of the crisis. Instead, I’ll skip to the important part.

During the course of solving the crisis, the following items come out:

1) The Vice President is exposed as a slug;

2) The President reveals that he asked the Secretary of State to be on his ticket for his first term;

3) She declined because she was disliked by so many people because they thought she stayed with her husband for political reasons;

4) She has now been rehabilitated because she divorced him;

5) With the Secretary of State’s help, the President grows a new pair of ideals.

I am sure that I am not the only one who can see where this is going. Back to “real” life, here’s my prediction:

1) Vice President Biden will decide not to be on the ticket (citing his desire to spend more time with his family);

2) Hillary Clinton will broker a peace in Syria; punch Vladimir Putin in the face; or otherwise save the planet somehow;

3) She will then be chosen as the new VP candidate;

4) All of negative ads by the Democrats to date will be revealed to be the work of Mr. Biden;

5) The tenor of the Democratic campaign will rise, and will engage the Romney campaign on the issues.

Mark my words. I know this post is short, but ‘nuff said. What can I add?



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4 responses to “VP HILLARY

  1. Rover is so cute!
    Glad to find someone else sees the similarities with the program. Think it is a flier to see how the public accepts the concept of Hillary joining the BHO’s ticket?

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