R and R

Mr. Romney says that he has the solution to our economic problems. He claims that companies will come flocking back to our shores once he takes office. He states that they are waiting for him to implement his plan to lower taxes and regulations. That once his improvements take place, businesses will begin to invest in America again, the economy will boom, unemployment will drop, and we will eventually be able to balance the budget and reduce the deficit.

There’s an easy way to tell whether the Romney-Ryan ticket will provide the answer that Big Business is looking for. It doesn’t involve attack ads, voter ID laws, tax returns, or any of the other brouhahas that we have been using to distract ourselves from the real issues.

Mr. Romney claims that Big Business is relying on him to cut back on government intrusion, to pave the way for a resurgence of investment in America. For the present, he says, business owners are waiting patiently offshore until regulations are lifted, taxes are cut, and government pulls back on its interference in the marketplace. The greedy capitalists who comprise Big Business can validate this claim and show their support for the challengers simply by doing what they do best: putting people to work. Instead of funneling money into the R&R campaign for whistle stops, ads, and meet-and-greets, put that money where it will actually be useful.

If Big Businesses think that R&R are indeed the hope for the future, then let them return some of those trillions they have squirreled away offshore, and begin the process of rebuilding the U.S. economy now. Don’t wait until after the election, boys! Start hiring now. Start implementing those plans for expansion, for renewal, for innovation.

And don’t think that you will be stuck with the tab come November. Let the voters know that this investment is contingent upon your man taking office in January. If Romney doesn’t win, tell people, you’ll once again close up shop here and take your business to Singapore or elsewhere.

DSCN0519Right now, take action. Hire temps, put people to work on a probationary basis, take as many tentative steps as you like. Let Mr. Keynes and Mr. Friedman duke it out in the marketplace. While Mr. Obama is busy shoveling money at his constituents, allow yours to be productive. Then we can see in November which way the American voters want this country to proceed.

But at least give your side a fighting chance. If you hang out offshore, waiting to see which way the wind blows before raising sails, you may find yourself watching your only chance sail off to sea without you. While you are holding off, awaiting the outcome, Mr. Obama is jumping in with both feet. He’s promising the world, and castigating you all for not doing your fair share.

So, take the wind out of his sails. Jump in, yourselves. You don’t have to go whole hog. You don’t need to build new buildings, enter into long-term contracts, or completely overhaul your office space. Just hire some more people. Even if you have to come up with something for them to do.

Have those temps hanging around the office do stuff that you know needs to be done,  even if it doesn’t directly benefit your company. If nothing else, have them volunteer at schools, at soup kitchens, at recycling centers. Think of it as an alternative to the traditional ad-buys on TV and radio. Call it P.R., if you like. Just put them to work, so that they can earn their way to prosperity, instead of waiting for the next government handout to get through the week.

And you are even allowed to make sure that everyone knows that this sudden prosperity is by no means a done deal. That it will only hold so long as your new employees vote for your guy. Tell them that if they vote wrongly, the jobs will disappear. Why not? Mr. Obama is telling them that if they vote wrongly, their Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, health insurance, contraceptive alternatives, you name it, will all be gone on January 21, 2013. If he can use a cattle prod to get out the vote, why shouldn’t you be able to use a little stick for your guy’s benefit?

And, who knows? Maybe it’ll actually work. Mr. Obama believes that government spending is the only way to get the motor revving, to get the economy back into drive. If you know that the answer lies in less regulation and more certainty, then put that knowledge into action now.

The voting public is tired of both sides sitting on the sidelines, waiting for that eventful day in November to occur before putting their ideas into action. They would have a lot more respect for you, and a lot more belief in your version of ideas, if you would step up to the plate now to implement your ideas.

Both sides spend a lot of time laying blame for failed policies on the other side. Bypass that whole sideshow, and take responsibility for your own world. Hire now, and see what happens. If your ploy works, then you’ve got some real ammunition to take to the voters. If it doesn’t work, then accept that your beliefs do not comport with reality, and support the policies of what was the opposition.

No matter what the outcome, the fact that you didn’t wait another agonizing three months to take action will resonate with voters, and allow for more experimentation in the future. You carry the ball now, and when you disagree with politicians’ new plans, they may be forced to listen to you more, and at least allow you to test out your ideas before you are simply slammed with some new regulation.

It is a win-win-win situation for everyone. Mr. Romney gets a chance to test out his theories, the unemployed get a chance for a job, businesses get a jump-start on hiring. And we all get to elevate the discussion to whether the implementation of this idea worked, instead of whether Bill Burton is really a Democrat.

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  1. Don

    Victoria, you know that successful business administrators would never invest in any of the ideas you suggest in your blog without conducting a variety of risk management studies first. To assist them in their strategic planning for the next three months, I’m sure it would be helpful if your readers would arrange the following list of possible events in a highest-to-lowest probability order:
    1. Obama will resign, Biden will resign, and Nancy Pelosi will become the first woman president of the United States.
    2. Elmer Fudd will be nominated at the Democratic convention after he selects Hillary as his running mate.
    3. Newt Gingrich has established a secret base on Mars and he is asking UPS drivers to identify illegal immigrants that would be willing to move there.
    4. Harry Reid revealed that he knows where all the assault weapons are that Eric Holder can’t find; and he said he is prepared to use them if Mitt doesn’t show him his tax returns.
    5. Reliable sources say that Mitt-n-Paul intend to appoint Rush Limbaugh to a new department in charge of approving birth control material to colleges.
    6. Business leaders are hiring new employees and investing money prior to the election in an attempt to impress their stock holders by showing that they aren’t afraid to take risks with their money.
    As you can see, I have arranged the list with the most probable on the top and the least probable on the bottom; however, some of your readers may not agree and in fact may think that other things are likely to happen that I have not listed. At any rate, I’m sure this will help the undecided make up their minds about who to vote for in November.

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