For two weeks, we have had the opportunity to watch in awe. To ask in wonderment, He did that? How did he do that? That can be done?

And the others. The ones who slog through day after day, with only snapshots of recognition. It landed! On another planet! And it works!

And those who attempt the impossible, day after day. Who must defy every precept of our existence. Must turn those they would otherwise deem human into fodder, in order to survive. To protect us.

These all. They show us the possibilities. What the best can be. What it means to launch yourself past all boundaries. To not be reined by what has gone before.

They inspire us, if we only pay attention.

To think that they are willing to endure what no human body was meant to endure.

To think that they are willing to put themselves in harm’s way for the sake of others.

To think of the possibilities of the universe. To say, there is Mars. There I will go.

To feel their heartache and pain. To exalt, to fly, to ascend those steps.

We gasp in amazement at their successes. We mourn their losses. We live, because they are alive.

Their work, their sacrifice, their achievement, ennoble us all. Strengthen us all. Propel us all forward.

It is no coincidence that most of them are young. They are life itself, bursting through the sidewalk to reach to the heavens. They will not be denied. They will reach farther and faster.

We cannot know their depths of sorrow. We cannot reach their heights of glory. But we can feel some spark, some tiny breath, something gentle stirring, and we know, that we, too, can try. Maybe even succeed.

So, for a week or two, we try. We walk with a spring in our step, we are kinder. We buy that book we’ve been meaning to read. We take those extra steps, we pass on the large slice of cake. And for a moment, we feel a bond with those who have sacrificed everything…

But then we backslide. For, after all, isn’t life meant to be lived, not tortured through? But maybe the tiniest little bit remains, and every so often, we try a little harder, because they showed us that it could be done.

Leave us not wallow for long, for we have much work to do. We have the entire universe to conquer. We must reach within ourselves, to be better than ourselves. To be better than we ever hoped, ever dreamed.

And if we fall in the attempt, if we fail in the attempt…

The worst is, we are no more. But that is also our fate if we stand and do nothing. So we have nothing to lose. And the world, the whole world, to gain, if we win. Or if we even try.

Success is rewarded by medals, but true success exists in overcoming obstacles. In passing on that torch to others. The fire is lit and the idea is hatched, and the world says, He did that? How did he do that? That can be done!

What’s next?

Thank you all for your sacrifice; for your energy; for your passion.


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