For the sake of humanity, Hispanics ought to be protesting in the streets, supporting strong enforcement of the immigration laws. They should be blocking the border with their bodies, urging would-be illegals to return home as quickly as possible. They should be shouting the truth from the rooftops: It may be true that people can find work here that is not  available at home, but it comes at a terrible cost.

The price of entering this country illegally begins with the cost of crossing the border. Many people must scrimp and save to amass enough money for one person to have the opportunity to slip by the gendarmes. Assuming that an illegal can come up with the price, the next hurdle is the surviving the crossing itself. The desert is littered with the bodies of those unlucky ones who were betrayed by their coyote, or who didn’t survive the arduous journey.


Once here, they are criminals. They must continually hide out. They are vulnerable to predators. They must work for whatever wage their employer feels like paying them. They must work under whatever conditions their employer creates. They must live where and how their landlord allows. They must always be on the lookout for the police. Anyone can abuse them without fear of legal retribution.

They must either accept whatever is forced upon them, or they must make their own payback. They have no choice but to enforce their own code through violence, because calling 911 means facing deportation.

We’ve stepped through the looking glass into a place where living on the lam is posited as the best of all possible worlds. The people who are here illegally are exposed to exploitation by politicians here, politicians at home, the coyotes who bring them here, their employers, their landlords, every minor bureaucrat, anyone who knows their secret, anyone who could find out their secret. And this is a good thing?

The latest horrific example: that pickup truck crash in Texas on July 22. There were 23 illegal immigrants crammed into that truck. Fourteen of them died in the crash. Men, women, children. No one has even raised the obvious question: why were so many jammed into one truck?

It couldn’t be that they enjoy riding like that. Or that they couldn’t afford two or three trucks between them.These were people who had no choice. Who knew how dangerous this behavior was, but who had no other option. These were men, women, and children who were at the mercy of others. And this kind of thing goes on every day.

No one has raised a hue or cry that the fact that they were illegal contributed to their deaths. That so many of them were in that position because of their status. That this kind of thing goes on all the time—illegals are forced into dangerous situations because they have no alternative. Illegals don’t have access to the protection of the law that the rest of us take for granted.

I can’t understand why Hispanics and the liberals who supposedly love them aren’t protesting in the streets. Waving banners and carrying signs. Calling for the police and the government to deport all illegals who are here, and prevent any new ones from entering the country. How can anyone who is here legally foster the current situation with a clear conscience?

If we blocked access to this country to illegals, the governments of their countries of origin might be forced to correct the conditions at home. As it stands, the governments of the countries of origin have absolutely no incentive to change their ways. In fact, the worse they can make the living conditions in their country, the more suffering their people are willing to go through to get to the U.S. and stay there. Once here, those people find work and send money back home to their families. Everybody prospers. Except for those who die in the desert, trying to make their way. Those who die in car and truck crashes, being transported from one stash house to another. Those who are forced to work in intolerable, slave-like conditions, because they are outside the protection of the law.

This is the situation Mr. Obama and his cohorts want to encourage. A strange philosophy for people who claim to care about humanity. The rest of us can only ask why? Who would want to treat his fellow man so inhumanely? And to what end?

Sounds like they care more about the convenience of Americans. We get the work done that American citizens don’t want to do, done by people who aren’t in a position to complain about their lives. A little collateral damage seems to be an acceptable price to pay.

Further, since the U.S. is holding out the option of coming here illegally and being able to stay, there is no reason for us to stir ourselves to help clean up the rest of the world. Or to encourage them to straighten out their own countries. Get yourself to our border, and everything will be fine. Send money back home to relieve the abject poverty there. Everybody’s happy. Everybody wins. Bing! Bang! Pow! Our work here is done.

How did we get so turned upside down?

If we care about the plight of illegals, we need to do one of two things. Secure the border, or change the law. Make sure that no one who is not legal is able to cross that sacred line. Or allow open immigration. All are welcome; all are legal; all have access to the protection of our laws.

As for those left behind, to improve their living and working conditions, we must give up the continuous complaint about out-sourcing.

But there’s the rub. Right now, we can complain about outsourcing. We can make it worthwhile to crawl, swim, or fly to the shores of this country. The place where we’ve retained all of the jobs. If you can touch the sacred land that makes up the U.S., you can find work. It may be menial work, it may not pay well, or provide you decent housing or working conditions, but it is there. However, if you choose, for whatever reason, not to set foot on our soil, then the devil take you.

Like I said, I don’t know why Hispanics aren’t raising the roof.

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